olace is a business formed by Megan Beck and Naomi Beck to provide an expression of care for those in hardship.  The exquisite gift collections are designed to connect with the heart of the pain and provide practical, mental, emotional, and physical help through their storm. 


The two founders related over common experiences of pain – instances of trauma and the journey towards recovery, loss of loved ones, relationships, jobs, and physical health – and their ache for others going through hardships.  Their frustration with not finding adequate expressions of care fueled their desire to formulate their own solution, based on research, elegant design, and heartfelt empathy. 


The journey of creating solace included partnerships with like-minded artisans and experts – from tea blenders in New York State, an aromatherapy dough maker in Missouri, essential oil and soy blending candlemakers in West Virginia, wildflower seed paper makers in Washington, innovative body product chemists and designers in California – who captured the vision of care and customized products to fit the unique solace look and intention.


It is a continued journey of learning and listening to continue to develop and perfect whatever expression of care someone may need.  The mission of solace is to inspire more empathy, kindness, and compassion in a world of pain, where giving is a healing force that goes both ways. 


megan beck

I have found that some of my life’s most fulfilling and deeply joyful experiences have been in bringing some light into another’s dark time.  The shared humanity and vulnerability of feeling another’s hurt and doing something to help has healing power that goes both directions.  We all know how heavy tragedies and personal struggles are to bear alone, so my desire is to give more people the words and the ability to do something that makes it undaunting and uncomplicated to act upon care.  It can change everything.  It reminds us of what we share in common, and that there is always reason for hope.  So, in the tenderly beautiful words of River Pheonix, “Run to the rescue with love, and peace will follow.”


naomi beck

There are a myriad of different pains that people encounter in life. I wish that no one ever had to experience hardship but it is simply a fact. During my own journey through the trials and tribulations of existence, love continues to be the true north that I come back to as the antidote for real suffering. Being able to extend love to those around us in need is a powerful thing. My greatest hope is that by providing a simple way to show others that we care, we can help lighten each other's load as we all try to find our way in this heartbreaking, crazy, beautiful world.